For all of my clients, Instagram is an important platform for their social output. To maximise audience growth and engagement, I work with clients to establish a colour theme, key topics and tone on voice and then create and schedule content to fit accordingly. Click to view more examples of feeds.

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Client Industry: Yoga & Travel

As a luxury yoga retreat company, content for this feed requires a consideration of yogic, travel and lifestyle elements. Content aims to be both informative as well as aspirational - featuring a combination of retreat visuals and company resources.


Client Industry: Aesthetic Medicine Academy

This company produces aesthetic training courses in the UK for medical professionals. Though they already had a strong following, engagement was low and they wanted to create a stronger visual on their account. We worked together to produce more engaging content including IGTV videos and brand ethos snippets to instigate more interaction with their audience.


Client Industry: Jewellery

This client produces luxury, handmade jewellery in the UK and US. The creation of this feed was during the UK lockdown (2020), so new content acquisition was limited. We used the brand 'feel' to create new imagery and existing editorial content to create a beautiful, fresh feed to support the launch of her new website.


Client Industry: Fashion

Instagram feed for a previous client working in fashion runway production. Their content featured a number of independent designers' editorials. This required careful planning to ensure that content flowed throughout and maintained the clients brand image - despite content originating from a number of different sources.