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With years of experience working in-house for various companies in PR and Digital Marketing Management in 2018 we decided to launch our own business in Central London - using our diverse skillsets to help numerous brands grow their online presence.

Our services cover all of your digital marketing needs, ranging from website creation and SEO optimisation to social media management, training and even graphic design. You can see a full list of our services here.

A number of our clients are companies that we have previously been employed by - a testament to the quality of work we commit to each business. Our clients range from professional services, including procurement groups and law firms, to travel providers and aesthetic medical professionals.

We have also collaborated with a number of well-known brands from Waitrose to The Ivy and 25Hours Hotels. 

At JM Social Media Management, we love the dynamic nature of digital communications and the diverse opportunity it presents to both small and large businesses alike. Nonetheless, with so many other operational tasks for businesses to undertake, managing social media accounts or newsletter campaigns can often seem like more of a hassle, than a useful business tool. With our dedicated team of contractors and account managers, we very much look forward to helping you surpass your online goals, through our bespoke social media management.



London Based Social Media Management

Struggling to find your corner of the web?

For the past seven years we have worked with multiple start-ups and SMEs, helping them to establish, grow and master a successful online presence.

Based in London, we offer bespoke social media management; specialising in audience growth through creative content and unique story-telling. We work with clients to establish realistic goals and then create custom plans to help achieve them. Take a look below at some of the services we offer and get in touch to find out how we could help you realise your social media or digital marketing goals.

Legal Research and Writing


Taking the hassle out of every-day posts! Updating your accounts every day can be time-consuming and often seem rather ineffectual; however consistent updates across your platforms is invaluable in building trust and anticipation with your followers.
We offer daily platform management across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter; ensuring that your pages are producing content consistently, that is valuable to your target audience.


From everyday posts to weekly blogs - or even some fresh images for your Instagram feed - let us do the work for you! Over the past six years we've worked on newsletters, blogs & press releases for various different companies, always ensuring that content is pitched appropriately to the target audience as well as emulating the company persona. 



Need an extra boost to drive those online sales?
Influencer marketing is now one of the most effective ways to advertise your products or services. Having worked as an influencer myself as well as having a network of contacts within the food, lifestyle and wellbeing sectors, we can help establish the right influencers to promote your business/products, as well as ensure a positive ROI.


With backgrounds in digital marketing, we are also able to tailor website and blog content for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - helping your website to organically rank higher on Google and other search partners.

Writing on Computer
Fashion Web Design


Need help designing and launching your website? We have used a number of platforms such as Shopify and Wix to design and create beautiful websites for our clients. Looking for something unique? We have a number of web designers that we work with who can offer you a bespoke website template.


Not every business is looking for ongoing Digital or Social Management. You may just need a refresher meeting to discuss current trends or a brainstorm of ideas and content that could help boost your online engagement.

That's why we offer social media training and consultancy; whether you need a team presentation or some one-to-one coaching, we would love to show you how to make the most out of your digital communications with the time and resources you have available.



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