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Instagram Reels for Small Business Marketing

It's no secret that video content is the highest performing content on social media, illustrated with the popularity of YouTube and Instagram Stories as well as the rapid growth of video-focussed platforms such as TikTok.

In light of the latter, it is therefore unsurprising that the latest feature to be released by social media giants, Instagram, is Reels.


So what is Reels?

Much like TikTok, Reels allows users to create short, dynamic videos (between 3 and 15 seconds in duration), that can be posted to user's feeds a with a regular post.

Why should I use Reels for my business social media accounts?

You may be wondering whether Reels is important for small business marketing - the answer is yes.

As with all new features on their platform, Instagram are keen to make Reels a success and as such, the feature will be heavily pushed and promoted throughout the platform to users. This presents a significant opportunity for early adopters - those quick to begin using the feature - as they can gain quick exposure whilst the feature remains relatively unused by competitors.

Furthermore, Reels can be shared to a new section on the Instagram Explore page - much like TikTok's 'For You' page - increasing the chance for any user or business account to go viral and thus attract new followers and customers.

For product-based and service businesses alike, Reels also offers a great opportunity to feature your products and / or service to show new prospective customers what you're all about; educate them on your brand ethos and what your have to offer.

How do I use Reels?

If you want to create your first Instagram Reel, click on your account profile photo - just as if you were adding an Instagram story. Scroll to the Reels tab where you can then select the footage that you want to use, or film new clips.

Use the audio, effects, speed and timer tools to make your footage more dynamic. By selecting the audio tool, you can choose music directly from Instagram's library to include in your Reel, as well as cut the music to select the part of the track that you want to use.

You can then use the draw and text tools as well as select from a number of Instagram Stickers - as with Stories.

One you're happy with your video, you can select a cover photo from your camera roll or a thumbnail from the video itself which will act as the still image that shows on your account feed. Add a caption and any relevant hashtags and you're ready to share!

Whatever your business or account purpose, Instagram Reels presents a new opportunity to attract and engage with followers, so should not be missed out on!

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