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How to Advertise my Business Online Post Covid

Marketing tips for businesses from JM Social Media Management – A London based Social Media Marketing Agency

If Covid-19 and the coinciding lockdowns have highlighted one thing for UK businesses, it is the importance of multi-medium marketing; that is, staying engaged with your customers across multiple channels. But how can you boost your business in the aftermath of Covid-19?

Read on for our top five tips on how to use social media marketing strategy and digital marketing to establish an online presence and engage your target audience.

1) Choose your digital channels

If you haven’t read our previous post on How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business, then now’s the time to do so! Taking a multi-channel approach to your social media marketing strategy doesn’t mean creating a profile for your business on every digital tool and platform that you can find – in fact, chances are this will hinder your growth efforts (think one-man band – yikes!)

Instead you need to think strategically and develop a curated selection of digital marketing platforms that can be integrated to create an omni-channel strategy. Typically, this will include two or three relevant social media platforms, your website (or landing page) and an email marketing tool such as Omnisend or Mailchimp.

2) Do your research

Understanding your customers’ online behaviour (the how, why and when they engage with content) informs your social media strategy. Nobody knows your customers as well as you do – use that to your advantage. Social media marketing has a higher return on investment than any other form of advertising and gives immediate and/or historical data for your business to leverage (think likes, comments, reach, following and subscribers). Do your followers engage more with your content at a specific time during the day? Which type of post do your customers prefer?

3) Optimise your content

If you’re finally taking the plunge and digitising your business, then you need to make the most out of it. Both social media and search engines are heavily saturated with content, however, there is still significant opportunity to successfully advertise your business, growing a profitable audience for those who learn to utilise online tools strategically.

You’ve chosen your channels and understood your customer’s content preferences. Now it’s time to optimise your content: give your feed some love – plan it out; gone are the days of hurried posts on your way to the office (we’ve all been there!) A pre-planned feed will enable you to create a seamless experience for your existing customers as well as inspiring new ones to join your online community. That’s where hashtags come in: the combination of hashtags that you choose help social media users to connect with your business; when coordinating your social media marketing strategy consider which hashtags are trending in your field of business and play around with them.

4) Adapt & innovate!

There are lots of ways that businesses are innovating their usual services and offerings to cater for a digital environment, including: online consultations, home delivery and e-commerce development. First and foremost, use social media and a quick web search to benchmark your competitors. What are they doing? Are they having much success? (After all, if you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em!)

If you’re still lacking inspiration, reach out to some of your most loyal clients and simply ask how you can better facilitate their needs and interests. At the very least, this communicates to your audience that you want and value their opinions.

5) Keep the conversation going

Just because you can’t engage with your customers in person, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reach out to them online! In fact, keeping at the forefront of your customers’ mind will help inspire loyalty – And in times such as these, loyalty is vital in ensuring that it’s your business customers support.

Instagram and Facebook Live both offer a great opportunity to speak in real-time with your followers; to answer their questions and establish an authentic connection with prospective leads. If you don’t love being in front of the camera, or perhaps your business doesn’t suit an informal setting, then try and Q&A. Simply invite your followers to send their questions and requests to you and put aside some time to answer each query.

Need help with your social media marketing strategy? JM Management is a London based social media management company offering social media marketing services to range of lifestyle and professional services clients.

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